Episodes: Masonry

A Deeper Look at Private Equity – EP.09

Summary Today, we take a deeper dive into looking at private equity. Private equity is Grayson’s world — so we switch the script and I ask him all of the questions I have about private equity. We discuss how private equity can help grow businesses, get debt to help your returns, the high risk/high return...

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A Peak Behind The Glass Curtain – EP.08

Behind-the-Scenes of a Real Estate Private Equity Firm Today we’re going to talk about what goes on behind the glass curtain — what it actually looks like inside of a real estate private equity firm. We go over the different types of teams within the firm, the importance of each of their roles, as well as their...

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We Love Real Estate, You Should Too – EP. 07

Summary We’re talking real estate today. Brad walks us through the ins and outs of finding a good deal in real estate — covering the basics and then diving deep further into the episode. Everybody should have some real estate exposure outside of their current residency. You don’t want to think of your home as...

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Letters of Intent: What They Are, How They Work, and Why You Should Care About Them

Summary Today we’re talking about LOIs — Letters of Intent. LOIs are kind of like you and the seller are dating — you’re testing the waters and have the intent of moving forward with a relationship, but not the obligation — you’re still shopping. When you sign an LOI you don’t have inclusivity but it can help you lay...

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Don’t Get Bernie Madoff’ed: Avoid Ponzi Schemes And Fraud – EP.05

Tips and insider advice on how to avoid the Bernie Madoffs of the world. Brad and Grayson cover how to protect your alternative investments by doing a little due diligence up front. For more episodes go to thealternativeinvestorshow.com.  Today we’re talking about how not to lose your hard-earned money through fraud. One of the advantages of alternative...

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Case Study: Buying An Operating Business – Private Equity Investing – EP.04

The guys go deep on what a private equity investment in a operating business looks like. Grayson tells the story of how he purchased Birdwell Beach Britches, a beloved surfer brand that was underperforming relative to its potential. This episode covers the how the deal was identified and closed, how the investors analyzed this private...

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How To Invest In Great Alternative Investment Deals – EP.03

In this episode, Grayson and Brad go in detail on how to put your money to work in alternative investments. They cover how to source investments from your network or online via a crowdfunding platform. They also compare the trade-offs between investing in a fund (private equity, real estate, venture capital), which is a pool...

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Want More Yield? Why You Need To Invest In Alternative Assets – EP.02

On today’s episode we review all the benefits of alternative investments and why retail investors should take the time to learn and evaluate alternative assets.

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Intro To Alternative Investments – EP.01

And so it begins… Brad and Grayson discuss alternative investments and cover the various alternative asset class options investors should strongly consider adding to their stock and bond portfolios.

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