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The Skinny on Qualified Opportunity Zones – EP.25

Summary In today’s episode we’re talking all about qualified opportunity zones — these things are amazing. They’re portions of the country that are economically disadvantaged, and if you invest in those areas you get incredibly favorable tax treatment. First, we take you through the history of qualified opportunity zones (which has a pretty interesting history...

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How to Source Off-Market Deals – EP.23

What an Off-Market Deal is and How to Find Them Summary Today we’re talking about how to source off-market deals! It’s easy enough to go on LoopNet or MLS Deal Finder but anybody can get those deals, so we want to share some solid trade secrets with you all today and help you find those sweet, sweet...

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Brent Beshore – Contrarian Private Equity Investing – EP.20

Today on The Alternative Investor we have our first guest on the show: Brent Beshore! Brent is the CEO and founder of Adventur.es — a private equity firm in Columbia, Missouri. Adventur.es has a unique investment approach: they seek boring businesses. They explain this perfectly themselves: “Boring businesses endure because they consistently solve a meaningful problem and...

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Why You Should Care About Business Quality – EP.19

Summary The Three Main Categories of High Quality Businesses — and the One Category You Do Not Want to Invest In Today’s an exciting show — we’re talking about business quality. Who doesn’t want to buy a quality business? Business quality is a little bit of an amorphous term, but today we focus on thoroughly...

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Debt: If You Owe The Bank $100 Million ….. EP.18

Summary Today we’re talking about debt! It’s an investor’s best friend … or worst enemy. We answer all the questions you may have about debt, such as: what is debt? When do you get debt? How much debt do you put on an investment? We also address the various restrictions that come with debt, why...

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How Do You Pick an Investment Theme? – EP.17

Summary How to Narrow Down and Choose an Investment Theme That Best Resonates With You In today’s episode, we address a recent listener’s question on how to identify or pick out an investment theme. We think of investment themes as something that can help you narrow down (what seems like) an infinite list of opportunities...

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How To Think About Risk – EP. 16

Summary Risk is an often misunderstood and poorly communicated concept. This episode covers how we think about and evaluate risk factors in real estate and private equity investments. Risk is going to be a part of every single investment decision that is ever made and there’s no such thing as a risk-free investment. So hopefully,...

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What Price to Pay For An Investment? – EP.15

Summary Today we’re going to talk about how to figure out how much to pay for an asset. When you’re buying an asset, price is the most important variable you’ll be looking at — probably not the only variable — but definitely the most important! Arguably, you should be spending 90% of your time answering...

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What is an Accredited Investor? – EP. 14

Summary Today we’re talking about accredited investors. To become an accredited investor you have to meet the SCC’s income and net worth requirements (such as needing to have $200k of income in the last 2 years if you’re single, $300k if you’re married, or $1 million in net worth not including your home.) So why...

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What is Preferred Equity? – EP. 13

Subtitle What Preferred Equity is, How It Differs from Common Equity, and Why It is Used Summary Today’s episode is all about preferred equity — so we’re going to try and keep it light and fun. Firstly, we talk about what equity is and how preferred equity differs from it — then, we get into...

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