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Don’t Get Bernie Madoff’ed: Avoid Ponzi Schemes And Fraud – EP.05

Tips and insider advice on how to avoid the Bernie Madoffs of the world. Brad and Grayson cover how to protect your alternative investments by doing a little due diligence up front. For more episodes go to 

Today we’re talking about how not to lose your hard-earned money through fraud. One of the advantages of alternative investments are that they are less heavily regulated by the federal government — but that also means you have to do more work when you’re investing in alternative assets to make sure you’re investing in a legitimate opportunity.

This episode, we discuss a few things you can do to to minimize your chances of getting involved in a fraudulent scenario. We share our general tips and tricks to making well-informed decisions, what you should be looking for when initially investigating a sponsor on an alternative asset, and the actionable steps to take pre-close and post-close on a deal.

We hope you get access to many great deals — but don’t be a sucker. Before you put your money into a deal listen to this week’s episode.

Key Takeaways:

[1:15] A few things you can do to minimize the chances that you’ll be getting into a fraudulent scenario, and the two ways of accessing alternative investments.

[1:54] Some things you should be looking for when you’re investigating a sponsor on an alternative asset.

[4:58] Pre-Close: What do on the deal before it closes (and before you wire that money over!) to help avoid fraud.

[11:03] Post-Close: Steps you should take after you’ve closed the deal to make sure you’re not being subjected to fraud.

[15:34] General tips and tricks to be smart while making these kinds of deals.

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