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Brad Johnson

Show Host

Brad is the Founder and Managing Partner of Evergreen Capital. Brad is responsible for the strategic direction of the firm and its investments. Brad is also a Co-founder and Partner at Park Street Partners, a real estate firm focused on managing an existing portfolio of manufactured housing investments. Prior to Evergreen & Park Street, Brad worked for Wells Fargo’s Real Estate Investment Bank, Eastdil Secured, based in San Francisco. Early in his career Brad held various investment positions with real estate private equity firms including The Swig Company and TA Associates Realty. Brad has closed over $3.2 billion in commercial real estate acquisitions over the course of his real estate career.

Brad received an MBA from MIT and a BS degree in Business from California Polytechnic San Luis Obispo

Grayson Morris

Show Host

Grayson is a Managing Director at Stables Partners, a private equity investment firm focused on software businesses. Prior to Stables Partners, Grayson led the acquisition and turnaround of Birdwell Beach Britches. As CEO Grayson led the shift to an e-commerce model while preserving the Made-in-USA quality that makes Birdwell special. Before Birdwell, Grayson worked in sales and sales operations at Sunrun, the largest dedicated residential solar company in the US. Previous to Sunrun, Grayson worked in sales at SolarCity and as an investment associate at Horsley Bridge, a venture capital and private equity fund-of-funds. Grayson began his career at Guidant Corporation where he designed drug-eluding cardiac stents.

Grayson holds an MBA from Stanford University, a MS in Mechanical Engineering from UC Berkeley, and a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Rice University

About Our Show

The Alternative Investor helps you invest – and make money – outside of the stock market. Grayson and Brad educate investors on how to find and evaluate quality alternative investments (any investments other than stocks & bonds). 

In the past two decades, we’ve experienced two severe market declines, and two slow, tepid recoveries. We live in a new world of lower growth with longer and woefully underfunded retirements. Traditional stock and bond investments alone – in a low-yield environment –  are not going to cut it.  

Alternative investments are the solution. “Alts” offer investors the potential for higher returns, inflation protection and reduced volatility relative to the stock market. Yet 95% of retail investors do not own ANY alternative investments. We believe the reason for this is two-fold:

  1. Investors lack exposure to the world of private investments and are not comfortable with terminology / investment mechanics.
  2. Investors do not know how to find, evaluate and invest in high-quality, passive alternative investments.

The Alternative Investor will address both these by educating and demystifying the world of private investments for its listeners.

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Who knew so many people were interested in alternative investments? We’d like to think it’s our quick wit and charming personalities, but it’s not. A tide shift is happening. Investors are reducing their stock and bond holdings and diversifying into alternative investments in record numbers. This trend should continue for the foreseeable future. 

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