What is Preferred Equity? – EP. 13


What Preferred Equity is, How It Differs from Common Equity, and Why It is Used


Today’s episode is all about preferred equity — so we’re going to try and keep it light and fun.

Firstly, we talk about what equity is and how preferred equity differs from it — then, we get into common reasons for using preferred equity in a real estate or private equity deal. We also give some examples of the differences between it and common equity and explain why, more and more, we’re seeing preferred equity in deals.

Preferred equity may not be sexy — but it can be sexy when the payments are coming to you.

Key Takeaways:

[:13] About our topic today: preferred equity.

[:55] What is equity?

[1:40] The two types of capital: debt and equity.

[2:29] An example of common equity in a real estate project.

[3:49] What is preferred equity?

[4:30] An example of preferred equity in a real estate project.

[6:42] Why do we typically see preferred equity in deals?

[8:00] Another reason for preferred equity.

[9:16] Expect to see preferred equity in your future deals and do more research on the topic!

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