Broker Deals VS. Off-Market Deals – EP. 11

Broker deals and off-market deals are night and day. Everybody thinks that an off-market deal is the holy grail and that you’ll score a way better price. At least that’s what most people think — but it’s not necessarily true. So today, we’re going to go through the key differences between broker deals and off-market deals and break everything down so that you can make an informed decision as a buyer or investor.

Key Takeaways:

[:14] The difference between broker deals and off-market deals.

[1:02] What is a broker deal?

[1:44] What is an off-market deal?

[2:24] The difference between the processes on a broker deal vs. an off-market deal.

[5:05] The difference between a broker and banker.

[6:00] How many sellers go to brokers? And why?

[7:40] The process of narrowing down the buyers.

[9:18] Are buyer interviews held?

[9:47] The process for an off-market deal.

[10:50] Likelihood of closing between an off-market deal and broker deal.

[12:34] The quality of the deals on an off-market deal vs. a broker deal.

[13:40] How long it takes to close an off-market deal vs. a broker deal.

[15:42] The valuable role of a broker.

[20:48] The range of prices in an off-market deal vs. a broker deal.

[25:44] Wrapping up our thoughts on off-market deals and broker deals.


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